Vario Ventures Working with VA Angels and Others in Puerto Rico

Vario Ventures Working with VA Angels and Others in Puerto Rico

Valhalla Private Capital companies VA Angels and Vario Ventures, along with the Angel Resource Institute (ARI) and 40 other local and international investors at the largest investor event ever held for tech companies in Puerto Rico in December.

As partners in Demo Day, the three groups were asked to look at investing beside the $50,000 cash prize that was awarded by local organizer Grupo Guayacán (Guayacán). This was the 5th year that Guayacán has brought Puerto Rico’s leading entrepreneurs to the Demo Days.

Early stage companies were showcased from the SPRINGBOARD program, which focuses on provided knowledge, tools and resources to build investable ventures. Growth stage companies were showcased from the Guayacán Venture Accelerator (GVA) program, which focuses on established companies, evaluating their business models, and developing strategies for accelerating their growth.

Randy Thompson, President of Valhalla Private Capital said, “Groupo Guayacán has been instrumental when it comes to supporting its entrepreneurs, from business formation, to expansion, and growth. This has had a positive effect on stabilizing and growing local economic activity.”

Vario Ventures CEO Danny Way was impressed by the businesses they met in Puerto Rico. “The entrepreneurs here have done an incredible job of building really solid mid-stage companies,” said Way. “Vario Ventures can help them take the next step, whether that results in an injection of capital to fund the next level of growth or sale to a strategic partner”.

Valhalla Private Capital companies continue to work with businesses and ecosystem partners in Puerto Rico and around the globe.

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