We Can Help Puerto Rico!

Friends and Colleagues,

I want to share this opportunity with you, knowing that if your company was in jeopardy you would hope that compassionate entrepreneurs, investors and ecosystem family would assist you too! Imagine trying to run your tech company with no power, and no way of getting your employees to the office. Imagine that you have no hope of completing projects, doing customer service, getting new clients, or getting paid because the infrastructure around you collapsed instantly. This is the situation for software companies in Puerto Rico.

International support of entrepreneurs has been a big part of what we do at Valhalla and we have been very fortunate to work in 15 countries last year. This all started for us in Puerto Rico. Through the Guayacan Accelerator program we have met 60 companies doing between $2m and $90m in business employing thousands of Puerto Ricans, and right now in Canada we can make a huge difference to their future.

In the next two days we will begin accepting donations to pay the travel, food, and lodging for up to 70 employees of these companies to come and work in Calgary for a number of months. We are hoping you will want to stand beside us and the incredible group at Aspen Properties who have donated a floor in the Edison Building in Calgary for this cause. Our goal is to raise $50,000 . Audacious yes, but you can have a hand in preserving the startup ecosystem in an emerging economy.

We are working with a NFP (Kensington Commons Church) to ensure your donation is deductible. But we are sending this now so we can gain expressions of interest so when the donation site goes live we can move quickly. Please contact us immediately to participate.

Be part of something awesome! Remember our own flood and how amazing it was to feel the community come together. I hope you see this as your opportunity to pay it forward to another community in need.

Rod Brown, Danny Way, Kristina Milke, and Luke Krueger have all been to the island and have done business, been involved, and created friendships there. We want to thank you for considering this.

R Stewart Thompson
Chairman & CEO

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