Adam Ludgate Hosts Randy Thompson on the Leaders,Innovators & Big Ideas Podcast

The Leaders, Innovators and Big Ideas podcast is supported by Rainforest Alberta that highlights those people who are contributing to and/or supporting the innovation ecosystem in Alberta.

In the latest podcast Adam and Randy discuss raising capital through angel investment, how Valhalla Private Capital & Old Kent Road Financial came to be plus Randy’s love of soccer.  

Some of Randy’s insights:

  • If you can’t raise money for your startup it’s your company not the investor.
  • Building and running a successful angel group requires a delicate balance between attracting A+ deals and high caliber members.
  • Valhalla Private Capital’s “Cradle to Exit” model has something for investors and entrepreneurs throughout their entire investment journey
  • And more …

Hear Randy’s thoughts on:

  • Government funded vs private run angel groups
  • Quality and diversity of deal flow in Alberta. Does Calgary or Edmonton have better deal flow now?
  • Our strengths & weaknesses in product development vs business development & implementation?
  • Is there money in Alberta?
  • How has the recent changes in Alberta tax credit impacted private investment?
  • What is an entrepreneurs #1 job?

Adam Ludgate is a programmer-turned-CTO who is involved in the startup/tech community and is enticed by new and innovative ways of solving problems with technology. He has worked previously with the likes of IBM Canada, AOL UK, tech startups in London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ as well as with a variety of oil & gas software firms in various development and leadership capacities.

Randy Thompson Founder and CEO of Valhalla Angels. 2018 National Angel Capital Organization Angel Investor of the Year and 2014 Startup Canada Angel of the Year. Founded Alberta SuperNet & Khyber Pass Entertainment. Randy is a part owner of the Peterborough United FC soccer team out of the UK


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