Are Investors Still Writing Cheques?

Are investors still writing cheques? The answer is YES.  Valhalla Angels held a member only conversation yesterday (April 28) on the subject of “What makes you want to write a cheque in this environment?” 

Investors are looking for:

  • Good Deals
  • Companies that are steady as she goes
  • Companies that are resilient

A quick impromptu poll took place “What are you doing with your money since the pandemic?”

The results are:

  • 45% are doing less investing – cash under the mattress
  • 30% are doing more investing – fortune favours the bold
  • 20% are investing same but different – leaving public markets and moving to private
  • 5% are investing the same but different – leaving private and going to public markets

In summary, private equity money is still flowing. “Money follows good deals”

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