The Valhalla Approach to Crushing Souls

Randy Stewart Thompson – chairman and CEO of Valhalla Private Capital, managing director of Old Kent Road Financial and co-owner of Peterborough United Football Club – has opened up about how best to nurture North America’s startup ecosystem.

Discussing the risk of being seen as a “soul crusher” by entrepreneurs, Randy explained: “If you bring me a really horrible idea, my job is not to be the soul crusher – my job is actually to say ‘I’m not interested, but if I could put you on these steps for the next 90 days…’”

This is achieved through Valhalla’s Basecamp – an intensive hands-on boot camp in which entrepreneurs can gain expert insight into the startup ecosystem in a bid to “get ahead” in today’s startup ecosystem.

As a result of this approach – which has been finessed through years of pattern recognition (Randy’s “secret tool”) – the Valhalla Private Capital CEO maintains that he can help entrepreneurs to gauge whether their business idea “should even be worked on” before they take more serious steps towards their endeavour, such as quitting other jobs in pursuit of startup success.

Randy concluded: “There’s a way to be the sole crusher but still give people the move forward, and that goes to what’s super important in 2022.”

This viewpoint is maintained by Lord Alan Sugar – chairman of Amshold Group (which owns Amscreen and Amsprop), founder of Amstrad (which he sold to Sky for £125 million in 2007) and longstanding host of The Apprentice, which is gearing up to release its 16th season to date.

Remarking on his successes, the British business mogul famously explained: “A good leader is not necessarily the most popular person in their business, but the best ones are liked because they are respected for their clarity and vision.”

Although he is commonly perceived as an intimidating presence on The Apprentice – in which business heads compete for a chance to work with him – Sugar’s efforts earned him a seat on the Business Council for Britain, as well as a knighthood for his services to business.

Randy has also discussed his top startup categories for 2022.

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