memoryKPR founder Jessica McNaughton on Volition’s Founder Chats

Jessica McNaughton, CEO and founder of memoryKPR – the winning company from Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan earlier this year – has discussed the story behind her digital storytelling platform in Volition’s Founder Chats series.

The 30-minute podcast, which was shared on Volition’s Instagram account, explores McNaughton’s shift from corporate ‘intrapreneurship’ to launching memoryKPR (pronounced “memory keeper”) last year. 

Looking back on her experience of the Valhalla Investment Summit Saskatchewan in an interview with Volition, Jessica hailed the event as “an incredible experience” which she was “definitely not expecting to win”.

“I had already competed earlier in the year in the Okanagan Valhalla Summit as it was a remote event, and I got to the semi-finals there,” the memoryKPR founder said. 

“I was pretty pumped to get to the finals in Saskatchewan, but I thought I was a little early to win something like this.”

She continued: “Winning the summit really helped with the conversations with the rest of the investors, not just because I had all of my stuff in order – I needed to do that for the competition – but also having your first investor takes a little bit of the edge off.”

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