Reintroducing Valhalla Private Capital

With a new year ahead, let us reintroduce ourselves.

Valhalla Private Capital is one of Canada’s most active early-stage investment firms, facilitating over $75m from its network of 120 investors into an estimated 270 early-stage entrepreneurs. 

With almost two decades of investing experience, we have garnered the expertise of its founders to train entrepreneurs, investors, and regional ecosystems across Western Canada and further afield.

Adopting a unique approach to traditional impact investors, Valhalla Private Capital works with entrepreneurs and investors alike to develop the most successful deal structures for both parties. Based on the company’s commitment to support developing markets in establishing Canadian investment communities, Valhalla functions as a catalyst investor and such will only invest when local investors co-invest.

The Valhalla Approach

The Valhalla approach aims to establish a return on investments which contribute to a sustainable, local community of investors. To date, more than 1,100 entrepreneurs have participated in our programs, helping them raise upwards of $500m in capital.

Valhalla Private Capital has won a multitude of awards as a result of its programs – including Startup Canada’s ‘Entrepreneur Support Award’ for the Prairies in 2019 – and is home to the National Angel Capital Organization’s ‘Angel Investor of the Year’ for both 2018 and 2019, Randy Stewart Thompson. Canadian governments, universities, and ecosystem partners have also utilized our network and expertise to unlock capital in their respective regions. 

A departure from the working models of consulting organization and development firms, Valhalla Private Capital’s decade-spanning experience in program management and international development aims to unlock capital from new investors to support growing entrepreneurs, alongside government and international donors. 

These capabilities have been adopted to manage and track multi-million dollar programs, including the establishment of a single community hub for coaching and angel investing, created in collaboration with TEC Edmonton.

Since 2014, we have been invited by international donors, universities, business networks and governments across more than 25 developing countries to share our insights into investing and raising capital. As a result of these efforts, Valhalla’s networks mobilized $3m in investments and unlocked an additional $9m of local capital for entrepreneurs.

Working on behalf of African Development Bank, Valhalla Private Capital designed and delivered training for new investment fund managers across Africa in a bid to better understand how to raise funding, develop a strategy, train staff and yield win-win investments.

Over the past three years, Valhalla has managed and implemented four Investment Summit programs in provinces including Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Each program costs more than $100,000 to develop and nurtures local investor communities to facilitate capital for early-stage entrepreneurs in their province.

During this time, Valhalla Private Capital has also been catalyzing early-stage financing in Vietnam through building up the country’s investment community capacity, providing advice   to local ecosystem organizations, and coaching entrepreneurs. We have also helped to increase capital in the region by advising on structuring investment to meet the needs of   local SMEs and Vietnamese financial systems’ regulations. 

Valhalla has facilitated an estimated USD$10m worth of funding in Vietnam in the past two years via the Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, which aims to strengthen emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems in countries including Albania, Serbia and Peru. Through the initiative, Valhalla has coached more than 100 entrepreneurs in preparing their ventures to receive outside financing. The company has also mentored three Vietnamese investment groups to raise and structure investment funds. 

Alongside providing critical support to the US Department of State’s Tigers@Mekong  Program by training and coaching entrepreneurs and investors across Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand; Valhalla Private Capital was also responsible for the development of an active early-stage investment fund (Uno Rondo Growth Capital), which invests directly in Latin America-based startup companies. 

The fund’s goal is to blend debt and equity investments (65:35) to be a fit-for-purpose investment vehicle, reflecting the current state of early-stage investment within Latin America. During this program, seven individual projects were connected with an average contract value of $25,000 for a total of $175,000. 

Do you have a question about angel investing? Get in touch with Valhalla Private Capital via our contact page.

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