Valhalla’s Virtual Founder BaseCamp Kicks Off 11-12 June 2022

Tickets are currently available for Valhalla Private Capital’s virtual Founder BaseCamp, which is set to take place on 11-12 June 2022.

Comprising two eight-hour sessions, Valhalla’s Founder BaseCamp is a two day investment-readiness program for entrepreneurs hoping to scale their business in coming months.

While session one covers topics including how to build a capital strategy, valuation for early stage companies, negotiations and due diligence; session two explores customer discovery, getting to product market fit, pitching and the impact of market context on valuation.

The Founder BaseCamp culminates at a practice pitch session (scheduled for the following week on 18 June) during which attendees can put their insights to the test and receive immediate feedback from experienced investors.

Speaking of his experience at Founder BaseCamp, Roger Noujeim, CEO of Quini, explained: “Valhalla Founder BaseCamp is a rare opportunity to truly understand the investor mindset and learn critical skills to shorten the path to success. 

“An absolute must attend for any tech company founder and senior team member,” he concluded.

Early-bird tickets are currently available from $335.24 until 27 May via Eventbrite.

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