Season of Change: Valhalla Private Capital Announces Two Milestone Partnerships and Next Phase of Growth

Valhalla Private Capital is marking the beginning of two new ventures that will amplify its work in helping companies thrive across Canada and internationally.

The corporate finance firm, which fosters startup ecosystems, is also announcing the departure of four team members who are making the move from operators to Valhalla Private Capital shareholders as they explore new opportunities.

Making Moves in Saskatchewan

Starting with a single city angel investor group, Valhalla Angels, has grown exponentially since 2013 to meet the lifecycle needs of both businesses and investors across the globe. And it’s not slowing down with its latest expansion into Saskatchewan.

Valhalla Private Capital has joined forces with the former team of the recently dissolved Saskatchewan Capital Network, to help the region build and grow a sustainable community of investors with the establishment of chapters in Saskatoon and Regina.

The move addresses several needs that the organization and key members of the investment and startup community in Saskatchewan had identified such as access to more capital, greater deal flow and additional capacity for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs and businesses.

Former Chair of the Saskatchewan Capital Network’s board, Wanda Hunchak, said: “During such

uncertain times, it’s important we have support in place for our entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan.

“Local investors play a crucial role in providing both access to capital and mentorship, and we’re looking forward to seeing our entrepreneurial community grow and prosper with the support of Valhalla Angels.”

Collaborating with Startup TNT

Valhalla Angels is partnering with Startup TNT to run simultaneous Investment Summits in Edmonton and Calgary this fall. An 8-week deal screening process, each Investment Summit will see one of the participating companies receive $150,000 from the investment team.

Responsible for building a national innovation community of entrepreneurs, Startup TNT mirrors Valhalla’s mission to give people the tools and opportunities to participate successfully in both investing and building businesses.

The goal of the collaboration is to help entrepreneurs and angel investors in their journey from building their brand and making connections, all the way to high quality investments through events like the Investment Summit and the companies’ respective networks in Canada and across the world.

Startup TNT founder Zack Storms says the benefits of their association are clear: “Valhalla Angels and Startup TNT are both dedicated to increasing the pool of sophisticated, early-stage investors - it’s only natural that we collaborate in our efforts to see angel investors as leaders of economic resilience in local communities.”

Operators to Shareholders

As Valhalla takes on new opportunities, so are four of the firm’s valued team members who are moving on to new chapters in their entrepreneurial journey.

Ryan Heit, who has led the charge on Valhalla’s deal screening process for over six years, is leaving to focus on his first biotech startup, Pacylex, as COO, while the firm’s global program co-creator Luke Krueger leaves to work on augmented video startup, ICWhatUC.

Valhalla Angels President, Kristina Milke, will be stepping down to play a bigger role at Sprout Fund, a company she co-founded that invests in seed and early stage companies. And Marketing Director, Heather Pontikes, is stepping back from her role after 11 years in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, labelling her departure as a sabbatical which may turn into retirement.

The four will remain as shareholders of Valhalla Private Capital and participate as consultants on individual projects going forward.

CEO, R. Stewart Thompson, who was named Angel Investor of the Year by NACO in 2018, said: “I very much believe in the phrase ‘change is the heartbeat of growth’. Taking on opportunities such as these further expands our reach, and that’s crucial in our mission to build some great companies across the world.”

“As for our departing team members, it needn’t be said how greatly missed they will be. Ryan, Luke, Kristina and Heather’s passion and hard work in building Valhalla Private Capital’s strong foundation upon which we can continue to grow is something I’m immensely grateful for.”

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