Military Taggant Technology Now Being Used to Ensure Traceability and Retail Interactivity of Down Insulation

MONTEBELLO, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2020 / — In what is being hailed as the next generation of traceability and accountability in down insulation for bedding and garments, ALLIED Feather & Down announces the introduction of the first-ever Optix iMirror — an immersive retail experiential tool with the ability to read and verify down inside garments.

The Optix iMirror powered by NOBAL Technologies is the first interactive retail tool of its kind. An imbedded scanner can read an organic taggant signature impregnated on the down insulation inside each ALLIED filled garment to offer the consumer a unique educational experience. The “Optix iMirror” Smart Mirror was developed by Allied Feather & Down in partnership with NOBAL Technologies and Optix technology to provide the next generation of multi-channel, real-time traceability for down insulation in garments. As the co-creators of the Responsible Down Standard and inventors of, ALLIED always knew something beyond paper certifications and hang tags would be necessary to ensure complete traceability and accountability across the supply chain and through to the finished product and retail experience.


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