Orpyx® and Fidelity Announce Partnership to Manufacture Personal Protective Equipment

CALGARY, Alberta, June 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/– Orpyx® Medical Technologies Inc. (Orpyx) and Fidelity Machine & Mould Solutions (Fidelity), two Calgary-based manufacturers, announced today they have entered a partnership to locally produce medical face masks, a critical piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline workers. 

Orpyx is a medical device manufacturer that produces sensory insoles to help prevent diabetic foot ulcers.  Fidelity specializes in tooling and manufacturing across numerous sectors including healthcare.  Both companies draw upon their leadership and expertise within the medical and manufacturing sectors to directly address this ongoing need for PPE.

“It is vital to increase PPE manufacturing capabilities within Alberta to decrease our dependence on imports and help our local economy” stated Dr. Breanne Everett, CEO and President of Orpyx.   “Initially we will focus on supplying healthcare facilities and frontline workers, and as our production capacity grows, we will expand to consumers.”

“We have quickly mobilized to establish our clean room facility and manufacturing capacity to produce 8 million ASTM-certified, 3-ply procedural face masks a month with room for expansion,” continued Jeff Litster, President and General Manager of Fidelity. “This Calgary-based operation will fill a critical gap in the supply chain and shorten delivery times for facilities that are currently dependent on overseas suppliers.”

About Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2010, Orpyx® Medical Technologies is a portfolio company of Western Economic Diversification and a global leader in telemedicine wound care solutions.  Orpyx empowers people with diabetes to maintain mobility through its core product line, the Orpyx® SI Sensory Insole system.  With the global headquarters based in Calgary, Orpyx is focused on collaborating with stakeholders around the world to achieve a healthcare future that is prevention-focused and sustainable in cost.  Orpyx is ISO13485:2016 certified and holds both a Canadian Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) and a Canadian Medical Device License (MDL).  For more information: www.orpyx.com

About Fidelity Machine & Mould Solutions

Fidelity Machine & Mould Solutions Inc. is a Calgary based manufacturing center specializing in challenging and complex machined components and machine tools.  Catering to a wide array of sectors including aerospace, defence, plastics, automotive, medical, and energy, Fidelity employs ~50 full-time staff and pride themselves on working intimately with customers to execute projects quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. For more information:  www.fidelitymachine.ca


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