SAM Announces New Funding After Record Growth – We’re Helping Even More Teams get Ahead of the Next Crisis

Here at SAM, we’re helping people act quicker in the face of uncertainty. Because at the heart of our work, there is a drive to make the world a better, safer place, and that starts with being informed.

Teams across a number of industries are realizing their missions through the use of real-time data. SAM analyzes the world’s open and connected data sources to spot the earliest signals of emerging risks and potentially threatening situations—in most cases, well before any other source. Practically speaking, that means telling business continuity teams which cities and areas of the world are safe for their staff to operate in or not. It means alerting corporate security teams to a nearby life-threatening situation. It means informing a journalist about the toll of a natural disaster in a remote part of the world.

During every critical event, large or small, information is most needed when it’s the sparsest. The SAM platform solves this by scanning vast amounts of data with AI. It will spot, locate and validate disparate signals that point to an emerging critical event. Our users get the advantage of time and context, exactly when they need it most.

The global pandemic we find ourselves in is the truest example of how we help clients, not only in this particular crisis, but also in everyday operations that get threatened by all kinds of disruptive events. That is why we’re excited to announce SAM has raised $3.6M in new funding, to fuel growth and operations at a time when more users than ever before are relying on SAM.

Right now, SAM is helping the world’s largest social, tech, public and aviation sector clients stay one step ahead of the pandemic. Alerts notify them of emerging developments, like lockdowns, closures, evacuations and unexpected risks related to Covid-19 on a granular level. While the media covers high-level numbers, SAM is providing actionable insight on how countries, states, cities, and even buildings are impacted by the pandemic. Clients get unparalleled understanding of how they can keep their staff, citizens and assets safe, versus reacting to news headlines. Perhaps most critically, SAM continuously watches for emerging threats, all while responding to the crisis. Natural disasters and manmade threats unfortunately won’t stop for COVID-19, and their impacts are more pronounced then ever. For instance, SAM gave users early warning to the prolonged shooting spree in Nova Scotia, the severe Mississippi tornadoes, and the knife attack turned hostage situation in Fukuoka, Japan. SAM empowers our users—giving them exactly what they need to know for swift, effective action.

We are pleased to have Adventure Capital lead this round, with support from Mark Miller who join existing investors like the Associated Press and Accelerate Fund. This new funding comes at a time of record adoption and revenue growth for SAM, and we will continue this momentum—doubling down on supporting our growing client base and pushing our AI further ahead to spot more crisis events for more clients.

I’m pleased to share a few comments from our investors below:

“At Adventure Capital we take the long view, and we back entrepreneurs and companies who are building the foundation needed for scaling a truly significant global companies. Building great companies takes patience but it also takes a big vision, coupled with a winning team fiercely focused on execution and market domination. That is why we’re excited to join the SAM journey, as they are a passionate teams focused on solving one the biggest challenges we face in society today – how to predict crisis events before it’s too late.” Says Brian Craig, who is one of the founding partners of Calgary based Adventure Capital. Brian also said; “We’re pleased to be leading this round and co-investing with Mark Miller, a champion of entrepreneurship, and joining existing investors like the Associated Press and Accelerate Fund.”

“The Associated Press has been a long-standing investor in SAM and a power user of its tools to surface fast, accurate signals of breaking news around the world,” said Jim Kennedy, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Enterprise Development for the global news agency. “By performing the super-human task of scanning vast amounts of raw, unstructured data from across the internet, SAM’s AI engine is enabling our journalists to get a faster jump on breaking news wherever it’s developing.”

by James Neufeld


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