Angel Investing

Why Valhalla Angels?

Valhalla Angels, founded in 2003, is one of Canada’s most active angel investment groups with our Founder, R. Stewart Thompson named Angel of The Year for 2018 and long-time member Derrick Hunter 2019 recipient. Our founding members had biotech, real-estate, oil & gas, health & life sciences, hospitality & transportation and, information & communication technologies backgrounds.

Today, our membership continues to grow bringing a diverse group of investors together from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio while supporting the startup ecosystem in Canada and across the globe.


Why Valhalla Angels?

Why should you become a member of Valhalla Angels?

Valhalla Angels is a community of Canada’s top angel investors. We have formed a diligent screening process to ensure that you see only the best deals at our forum. In addition, membership provides an excellent networking opportunity with other likeminded investors as well as education and support for those new to angel investing.

For Entrepreneurs

Why should you consider an angel investor for financing your startup?

Valhalla Angels provides one of the best deal intake processes with 1-1 coaching, diverse deal screening team and ongoing feedback to assist in strong success rates for investment. Over 35% of companies received funding.

For Sponsors

Why should you become a sponsor of Valhalla Angels?

Valhalla Angels sponsors can use the forums to develop long term and sustainable relationships with potential clients. One of our long-term sponsors has acquired over 35 new clients in the time we have worked together.

For more information on ANGEL INVESTING, visit the Valhalla Angels website or contact us.

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