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The Valhalla Global Accelerator is an international business accelerator program that catalyzes capital for the other 99% of emerging market start-ups who don’t fit into a Silicon Valley Venture Capital Investment Thesis. The Valhalla Global team creates investment opportunities for new innovative ventures by one of Valhalla's emerging market funds while creating long term relationships with local investors.

Valhalla Global Accelerator Impact

$M +

Directly by the Valhalla Private Capital network into Latin America and Asia.


Catalyzed through local investors into emerging markets.


In more than 15 countries across Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

The Valhalla Global Accelerator Program

The Valhalla Global Accelerator is an integrated set of activities that catalyze local early-stage financing in your ecosystem. Our program works both with early-stage investors and Startup founders that uses a proven experiential learning process that will increase the probability of more capital mobilized.

Especially useful for incubators, accelerators, universities, and other organizations the integrated program is designed to improve their start-up and innovation programs. The program will both expand their startup and innovation ecosystems, help helping build angel networks to deliver the seed capital required that jump-start entrepreneurial growth.

Key Program Benefits

Builds the confidence and capabilities of local investors by co-investing in local emerging market deals.

Deploys capital by experienced Angel Investors with personal capital into early stage entrepreneurs.

Empowers local investors with alternative structures that meet the needs of a variety of entrepreneurs.

The Valhalla Global Deal Leadership and Co-investment

What makes Valhalla Global unique is that its programs strategically drive pipeline for its investment funds for emerging markets. Valhalla Global is not an investor training program; but rather are a group of investors looking to co-investors in emerging markets.

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The Valhalla Global Accelerator offers the unique opportunity of assisting with the launch the new Angel Investor network and leading the first investment including:

  • Sourcing the deal
  • Structuring the deal
  • Leading the term sheet offer
  • Leading the due diligence
  • Finding syndication
  • Integrating Deal flow partners
  • Closing the deal
  • Maintaining Post-closing support by investing alongside local co-investors

Partnering with Valhalla Global Accelerator

The Valhalla Global Accelerator unlocks international and local capital into a diverse set of growth-focused entrepreneurs who create jobs. Unlocking capital is why governments and donors have partnered with Valhalla to support their local ecosystem.


Connect with us to learn how we can help stimulate your local early-stage companies to create economic growth.

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