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The Valhalla ASEAN Capital fund by Valhalla Private Capital is the company's first venture fund in Southeast Asia. It is a $25MM CAD fund. That mirrors Valhalla’s successful model in North and South America, which leverages local angel investors as partners.

The Valhalla ASEAN Capital fund focuses on emerging growth companies across SE Asia in locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Valhalla ASEAN Capital Fund Investment Region

Valhalla has targeted the emerging markets of ASEAN region as a primary investment focus

Valhalla is a leader in designing innovative startup finance packages to fit the global context

Valhalla excels at selecting the best local partners as co-investors, key to our success

Countries in the ASEAN Region

  • Brunei
  • Burma Myanmar
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

The Benefits of the ASEAN Region

Emerging Markets of South East Asia

  • Rapidly growing, urbanizing middle class
  • Young demographics (50% of Vietnamese under age 30)
  • Combined population 640+ million & combined GDP USD $2.6 trillion
  • 6th largest economy; 4th in global trade;
    3rd largest population and workforce
  • Projected GDP growth rate of 5%+

Fastest Growing Internet Economy

  • Fastest growing internet region – 330m users in 2017 - +70m since 2015 (13% CAGR)
  • Mobile IS the internet - 90%+ of internet users on smartphones, spending 3-4 hours per day
  • Internet economy projected at $50B in 2017 - expected to exceed $200B by 2025 (27% CAGR)
  • E-commerce sales (first-hand goods) $10.9B GMV in 2017 - up from $5.5B in 2015 (41% CAGR)

Poised for Startup Growth

  • Ride-hailing growing at 43% CAGR - $5.1B in 2017 from $2.5B in 2015
  • Ride-hailing startups just now expanding within SE Asia & moving into food delivery, courier services and payments
  • $12B+ of capital raised for internet economy between 2016 and Q3 2017, up from $1B in 2015
  • $9B raised by 7 unicorns - $1.4B raised in $100M – $1B valuation range – $1.9B raised at valuations below $100M
  • Capital available for Series A & B rounds – high demand for Series Seed capital

Investment Thesis


Valhalla’s expertise in Series Seed stage investing


Valhalla’s experience in emerging markets & its ability to select best of class co-investors


A fast-growing technology market with high demand for Series Seed stage capital


Valhalla’s access to deal flow in the market and its deal structuring expertise

Investment Approach

Each $250,000K raised invested in 1 or 2 highly vetted companies with ability to provide 12% -18% yield OR significant potential to scale.

Investments start at $75K to $100K, with up to $150K in follow-on.

Investments made through Singapore or Hong Kong-based parent holding companies wholly owning the local operating companies.

Investments and due diligence will be made by the management team, working with local co-investment partners.

Fund Terms

IssuerValhalla ASEAN Capital Inc.
SecuritiesClass B Shares at USD $1 per share, sold in Units of 10,000 Shares (USD $10,000)
Minimum Offering to Fund Close$100,000 (100 Units)
Target Offering Amount$1,000,000 (1,000,000 Units)
Investment Period3-5 years (including follow-on)
Term10 years (subject to earlier transfer to Fund)
InvestmentsInvestments in debt/convertible debt and equity investments (up to 65% in each case) in growth businesses in ASEAN countries
Distributions of Yield on Debt
Transfer to Valhalla ASEAN Fund
Anticipated on the earlier of 2 years and reaching Target Offering Amount
ManagerVPC ASEAN Management Ltd.
Management Fee5%
Performance Fee20% (8% hurdle rate, with catch up)

Fund Mangement Team


Jan Lederman
Managing Director


Glenn Yuen
Managing Director


R Stewart Thompson


Luke Krueger
Venture Advisor


Paul Schofield
Venture Advisor

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