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Valhalla started with angel network Valhalla Angels in 2003 and has grown organically to meet the entire lifecycle needs of both businesses and investors.

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The Near-Certain Roadmap to Investment Success

December 2, 2021

No secured debt, no operating assets and no guarantee of future cash flows to finance – all bets are off when it comes to investing in a startup.  According to a 2017 survey carried out by Statista, 58% of startups have less than US$25,000 at their disposal during the startup phase, while only 40% of … Continue Reading

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VPC Director Jan Lederman on the ‘Unwritten Sexism’ of Angel Investing

November 30, 2021

Jan Lederman, director of Valhalla Private Capital and expert coach at WeRaise – an initiative which supports women-led companies in attracting and raising capital – has opened up about the global issue of gender disparity within angel investing. Discussing WeRaise’s Valhalla-implemented program which has supported businesses in scaling, growing their profits and raising investments across Pakistan, … Continue Reading

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Eco-Energy’s Shazia Khan on the Benefits of World Bank’s WeRaise Program

November 26, 2021

Shazia Khan, co-founder of Pakistan-based tech non-profit EcoEnergy, has praised her experiences with WeRaise’s Valhalla-implemented program which supports businesses to scale, grow their profits and raise investments. Discussing her experience of the program with Jan Lederman, director of Valhalla Private Capital and expert coach at WeRaise, Shazia detailed her journey from EcoEnergy’s inception in 2012, … Continue Reading

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The Valhalla Approach to Gender Equality in Angel Investing

November 23, 2021

According to data from the Angel Capital Association, women make up just a fifth (22%) of America’s angel investors, with this figure dropping to just 14% of angel investors in the UK and five percent in France. Likewise, a 2020 report carried out by Women in VC – the world’s largest community for female investors … Continue Reading

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