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Valhalla started with angel network Valhalla Angels in 2003 and has grown organically to meet the entire lifecycle needs of both businesses and investors.

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St(art)up Success, as told by History’s Greatest Painters

October 27, 2021

According to Jan Lederman, director of Valhalla Private Capital, passive culture is often a catalyst for companies heading downhill. Unmade decisions pile up, opportunities are lost and lessons are not learned along the way.  Sound familiar? You’re in luck – Valhalla has repurposed advice from history’s late great painters in a bid to counteract the … Continue Reading

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Fundraising, Entrepreneurship and Mental Health

October 20, 2021

Being an entrepreneur is hard, and raising money from investors makes it harder. The experience creates certain expectations about how quickly you’ll grow, which may be a cause for demotivation if these are not met.  In fact, most founders say fundraising is the most painful thing they’ve ever done. According to data from the US … Continue Reading

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Bigger Than Peanuts: The Homer Simpson Guide to Financing your Startup

October 14, 2021

In a 1993 episode of The Simpsons, Matt Groening’s lovable knucklehead Homer is annoyed to find $20 in his couch instead of a peanut, which he had lost seconds before. However, he soon realizes that his unexpected find “can buy many peanuts” as “money can be exchanged for goods and services”. Although Homer Simpson is … Continue Reading

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Mastering the Elevator Pitch in Ten Floors or Less

October 12, 2021

The mythical 30-second elevator ride – not infrequently, the most meaningful and opportunities arise unexpectedly, and you know how really difficult it is to deliver an effective 30-second pitch, right? It takes much, much more work to hone a truly effective 30-second pitch than it does for a 10-minute pitch… although make no mistake, both … Continue Reading

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