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Valhalla started with angel network Valhalla Angels in 2003 and has grown organically to meet the entire lifecycle needs of both businesses and investors.

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Online Resources for Startups

May 17, 2022

As Steve Jobs once said: “The problem with the internet startup craze isn’t that too many people are starting companies; it’s that too many people aren’t sticking with it”. With this in mind, Valhalla Private Capital has put together a handy list of online resources you may want to track from time to time. Y … Continue Reading

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Talking Business: Building and expanding your startup team

May 12, 2022

Teruel Carrasco, vice president of entrepreneur engagement at Valhalla Private Capital, has details how best to build and expand your startup team. Read more below: The three most common reasons startups fail are having the wrong product, running out of capital and having the wrong team. Today, I will focus on building your startup team. How do … Continue Reading

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Anonymous Angel: The Top 10 Things That Prove You’re a Company and Not a Startup

May 11, 2022

So we all know the bubble has burst: startups aren’t cool anymore. The term is overhyped now, and everyone wants to be one. I’m hoping the next thing entrepreneurs want to be is a company. (I’m not the first to say it—I believe that honour goes to Mark Suster). A company is when the idea … Continue Reading

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Valhalla CEO To Speak at DEC’s AGM and Investor Forum

May 10, 2022

Randy Stewart Thompson – chairman and CEO of Valhalla Private Capital, managing director of Old Kent Road Financial and co-owner of Peterborough United Football Club – is set to speak at Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC)’s 2022 Annual General Meeting and Investor Forum. Taking place on 31 May, the event will see Randy join Anouk Kendall, … Continue Reading

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